Godzillagan's Island

Only the finest in monster-based chaos

Ahoy there!

You've landed here on Godzillagan's Island. We will do our best to make you as comfortable as possible. In return, we would ask your indulgence in our various, and occasionally foolish, fixations on giant monsters, Thomas Pynchon, and pop-culture foolishnes.

As with so many of Charley's sites, this one is a work-in-progress, representing the current state of a long-term project photographing the exploits of the King of All Monsters in a variety of settings.

A long-time fan of Mr. Pynchon, I was struck by the passage from Inherent Vice as it seemed to sum up the spirit of these images quite nicely. I aim for a mixture of absurdity, humor, and horror...

“He rolled a joint, lit up, and settled in in front of All-Nite Freaky Features, where Godzilligans Island, a movie for TV in which the Japanese monster meets the sitcom castaways, was just about to begin. Over the opening credits, Godzilla, out in search of some R&R after his latest urban-demolition binge, stumbles—literally—upon the Island, causing immediate anxiety among the survivors of the Minnow’s historic cruise.”

Excerpt From: Thomas Pynchon. “Inherent Vice.”